Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of editing do you do?

I’m a developmental editor of fiction. That covers big-picture stuff like plot, character, and conflict. My fiction specialties are romance, young adult, and contemporary novels.

I am a copyeditor of creative nonfiction: mainly memoir and personal essay. This service focuses on the finer details like commas and grammar that give your work consistency and clarity.

How much does editing cost?

My rate for fiction developmental editing is €150 per 10,000 words.

For creative nonfiction, your quote will depend on the level of editing that you desire. Get in touch here for a free quote and a chat about your project needs.

What kind of clients do you coach?

My ideal clients are creative writers and folks writing books. I’m not specialized in academic or technical writing.

I’m also passionate about helping parents and caregivers who are artists in a variety of creative fields.

What is creativity coaching?

The short description for this new-ish field could be “life coach for creatives.” For writers, this touches on the psychological and emotional challenges that crop up in the hard work of beginning and finishing our writing, finding publication outlets, and promoting it. There are so many helpful resources out there on our craft issues, but very few on the personal challenges!

Is that like teaching creativity to coaches?

Brilliant idea! But no, not at this time. If you happen to be writing a book for your coaching business, though, please get in touch!

Can you guarantee that hiring you for editing will get me published?

Short answer: No, sorry. Getting published depends on a number of things outside of my control, like where your work fits in the trends of the moment, how many manuscripts in your genre a publisher is receiving, and good luck. However, I can guarantee you that an unedited manuscript with glaring errors will not catch the eye of an agent or publisher.

Can you set me up with an agent or publisher?

No, that’s not my area of specialty. You might try researching professional networking groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.

How does fiction editing work?

I offer developmental editing for fiction. For that process, I prefer to review an entire manuscript at once (with the exception of my first 50 pages package).

I offer a package that breaks down the traditional feedback letter into 4 installments to help writers avoid revision overwhelm. I send out feedback by topic every 2 weeks over a period of 8 weeks. For more information, please see my developmental editing page.

Do you offer copyediting for novels?

This is not one of my core services. However, if you have already gone through a developmental edit with me, I’d be happy to copyedit that manuscript after you’ve completed your DE revisions.

How does nonfiction editing work?

For memoir and personal essay, I make edits directly in a Microsoft Word document with the Track Changes feature. This means all my changes and comments are visible and easily changed. You decide which edits to keep.

I prefer to receive an entire manuscript at the beginning of a project rather than work in installments.

When you first get in touch, I’ll look at a sample of your work and provide a quote. As we move forward with a contract, we will set a deadline together. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me during the editing period–it doesn’t mean anything bad! But don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question before the deadline.

Can I pay in a currency other than euros?

You can! I receive payment through PayPal, which allows folks to pay for services from all over the world.

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