• Developmental editing for fiction and memoir

  • Line editing and copyediting for fiction and nonfiction

  • Proofreading for fiction

Hello, writers!

Looking for support in any of these areas?

Rewriting your memoir

Rewriting your young adult novel

Line or copy editing your book

Meeting creative goals

Explore how you can work with me:

Developmental editing

You have a full draft of a novel or memoir and want help before you rewrite. You'll get notes on story elements like character development and motivation, pacing, point of view, and conflict. I offer a variety of feedback formats to suit different rewriting and learning styles. 

Sentence-level editing

You need some support making the language in your book manuscript shine. In line editing and copyediting, I'll take a look at grammar and retain your unique voice while focusing on consistency and clarity. Available for fiction and nonfiction.

Artist's Way group coaching

Stuck in your creative work? Julia Cameron's 12-week book The Artist's Way is a classic tool for unleashing creativity and pushing through blocks, but it is hard to get through alone! Come work through the book in a supportive group setting.

Hi, I'm Joy

Hi, I'm Joy

Freelance book editor (she/her)

I’m an American expat living in France, mother of two, and creative nonfiction writer. I help creative writers start their work, improve and finish their writing, and share their books with the world. I have a BA in English literature and more than 15 years of experience editing for publishing houses and independent writers.

Joy’s ability to visualize what the book could be was extraordinary.

I interviewed three prospective developmental editors for my memoir. When Joy’s sample came in, I was so encouraged. She not only understood my writing style, she was genuinely interested in the story. Other editors sent back my manuscript dripping with red ink, not sounding like me anymore. I believe Joy infinitely improved the quality of my story.

In addition to doing a brilliant developmental edit of my manuscript, I contracted Joy to do a copy edit of the book. Looking at her excellent editing, I thought to myself, “Thank God I found Joy!”

Diane Tarantini

Author, Everyone Was Silent

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Revision mindset hack: Use your e-reader

Today I have a tip for writers that is one part self-editing tool, one part mindset hack. Many writers struggle with revision. This is my favorite self-editing tool when I’m feeling stuck in the rewriting process. It’s a simple way to inject some ease into the task...

To spark your creativity, tap into your desire

Desire is the key to almost everything linked with our creativity. It’s also part of what makes setting goals intimidating! When we think about doing something new—whether that’s starting a new project, taking a course, or changing something about our personality—that...

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