Hello, writers!

Looking for support in any of these areas?

Rewriting your novel

Line or copy editing your book

Sticking to a writing routine

Meeting creative goals

Explore how you can work with me:

Developmental editing: for fiction

You have a full draft of a novel and want help before you rewrite. You'll get notes on story elements like character development and motivation, pacing, point of view, and conflict. Available for romance, young adult, and contemporary fiction.

Sentence-level editing: fiction & memoir

You need some support making the language in your book manuscript shine. In line editing and copyediting, I'll take a look at grammar and retain your unique voice while focusing on consistency and clarity.

Creativity coaching: for writers and parent-artists

Stuck in your creative work? Are you facing emotional roadblocks like writer's block and the inner critic? These common problems for creatives are rarely discussed in craft books. For writers and caregivers in all artistic fields.

Hi, I'm Joy

Hi, I'm Joy

Book editor and creativity coach (she/her)

I’m an American expat living in France, mother of two, and creative nonfiction writer. I help creative writers start their work, improve and finish their writing, and share their books with the world. I have a BA in English literature and 14 years of experience editing for publishing houses and independent writers.

Joy lived up to her name—thorough, precise, thoughtful of my needs, and open to concerns. I was beyond impressed with her work on my novel. I’ve worked with others who just take your work and disappear until the deadline. But Joy is with you every step of the way.

Dawn Lamond

Author, Stranger to the Soul

I was looking for an editor for my memoir essays to make my words flow without taking away from my meaning. Joy is like good seasoning. She doesn’t cover up the taste with too much of her own presence—she enhances the flavor! She is a fabulous editor!

Nelson Lauver

Author, The American Storyteller

A coaching programme with Joy gave me new perspectives on my creative projects. We exchanged on time management, setting priorities, writing tools, and more. I especially enjoyed her positive approach and how she searched for concrete ideas to fit my situation.

Marta Rybczynska

Author, entrepreneur and researcher

Self-editing tip: How to read your own work more effectively

Ever struggle to get distance you need to effectively read and critique your own work? Like Hemingway, I believe that rewriting is the key to producing good writing. But many writers despise and dread self-editing! In this blog series, I’ll be sharing tips to make the...

Revision mindset hack: Use your e-reader

Today I have a tip for writers that is one part self-editing tool, one part mindset hack. Many writers struggle with revision. This is my favorite self-editing tool when I’m feeling stuck in the rewriting process. It’s a simple way to inject some ease into the task...

To spark your creativity, tap into your desire

Desire is the key to almost everything linked with our creativity. It’s also part of what makes setting goals intimidating! When we think about doing something new—whether that’s starting a new project, taking a course, or changing something about our personality—that...

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